When I came out from home again, the Nanjing sauna wiped the stolen mouth clean and changed into a cotton casual wear.

I put a cotton coat on the outside and opened the Maybach S600. Kenny drove Cadillac behind, after all. The battle on the back seat of the car is fierce. The perfume and odor may not be able to run out. Sometimes the woman’s nose and intuition are connected, or be careful.

When I received Ivana, she just took a glimpse of it, and when she got into the car, she began to tell the Nanjing sauna about her participation in the program.

After listening to the Nanjing sauna, I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh. In general, this woman is happy and shows her love time. Of course, the program group also likes her to tell the story of the Nanjing sauna. The people are also curious and gossip.

Especially when Ivana’s offensive story is just beginning in the “Observer” series, the name of the “National Treasure” novel is the creation process of her and the story of the novel, both the host and the audience on the scene are all about the genius writer. The creative talent of Nanjing Sauna Smith expressed its admiration.

Just go to the museum and visit the “Dun Declaration” to create a novel. I have to say that the true world of genius is not understood by ordinary people.

Of course, Ivana’s marketing methods are not covered. When she is happy, she also does not forget to give her the name of the jewelry, the clothing brand to advertise, to do propaganda, for Ivana’s generous boyfriend, almost did not The host of the woman gave her envy.

After returning home, Ivana, who was in a good mood, let the Nanjing sauna feel her tenderness.

Fortunately, the body of the Nanjing sauna is different from ordinary people. One night tastes the different styles of two xing goddesses. One is like a fire, it is extremely crazy; the other is tender and watery.

With a sweet smile in his arms, Ivana, who has not retreated, caressed her smooth and delicate skin. The Nanjing sauna is extremely bright, this Nima is the life of the passer!

Make a lot of money, enjoy the extravagant life, taste the style of different goddesses, and live a hundred years without a trip.

The morning is still busy, but on the dining table, Ivana looks at the fierce face of the Nanjing sauna, the lips of the pink lip gloss, even the questioning sound is very good.

“Can you explain it to me?”

The Nanjing sauna looked at the newspaper in her hand and saw a photo of a little beast looking behind Tony Black. She shrugged and said, “My new assistant! I will follow me in the future. She has a taste for her clothes. After all, it matters to my face.”

“Just like this?” The question in Ivana’s beauty has not disappeared.

“Ha~ otherwise?”

Ivana listened to the rhetoric of the Nanjing sauna, the tone of the tone, and the expression of “your thoughts are not pure” on his face, defeated in his clear eyes, some guilty and guilty to make the final struggle “Being your assistant is not too young…”

“It’s just to be mixed up with me. How can I not find an elderly assistant? This is not like you who are confident and proud…”

The little assistant’s thing was turned over at the breakfast table. After all, Ivana was not the kind of woman who was unreasonable. Of course, as for the Nanjing sauna, she would not carry her to do bad things. She did not have too much entanglement. The feelings between the Nanjing sauna and the Nanjing sauna are still very confident. I believe that the Nanjing sauna will not make her sad and embarrassed.

After I kissed Ivana in the car, she watched her walk into the CP building and said to Kenny: “Go.”

Came to Wall Street’s Gaia company, saw a light blue OL skirt, with the meat se stockings of Tory Black, nodded with satisfaction, especially after she said that she did not like her heavy makeup, she now more With a light makeup and a little make-up, it is elegant and elegant.

“Good morning, boss.”

“Well, is today’s briefing sent?” The Nanjing sauna looked at the small butt wrapped in the skirt by Tory Black, who pushed the door open, and pressed the urge to slap a slap. The tone was plain.

“Sent it, I have already placed it on your desk. Mr. Alvitre has just called and said something is going to be reported.” Tori Blake followed the Nanjing sauna and helped him take off his coat and hang it. On the hanger, walked to the Nanjing sauna, which was already sitting on the boss’s chair, softly said.

“Yeah.” Nanjing sauna picked up the briefing on the table and looked up. A faint scent came into the nose, turned to look at the Tory Black standing next to him, looked up and down again, turned back and looked at it. The document, faintly said: “I like this sweet taste, the perfume is good.”

Tori Blake’s face rose two blushing eyes, and the eyes flashed with joy. The praise of the Nanjing sauna made her very happy. She didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money to buy Chanel last night. “Boss, there is nothing to tell, I will Go out first.”

“Yeah.” Nanjing sauna did not look up, sighed, looked at the briefing in his hand, could not help but frown, the information returned from the Modu office clearly told him that in the rabbit country “My World” piracy The problem is very serious, and almost many websites have cracked versions to download.

I can’t help but shake my head and smile. It seems that I want to make money in the rabbit country. There is no way to do this. He has not downloaded the cracked version of the game in his previous life. The status quo is the case. The fame, the netizens in the rabbit country are still very cute, waiting for the future to stand in the foreground and call, perhaps the players in the rabbit country will come once again, “we owe the Nanjing sauna a game CD money!”

After reading the briefing, put it in the folder next to it, pick up the coffee at the table, sip a bite, and for more than a month, Apple’s first-generation smartphone will be displayed in front of the world, smart The curtain of the mobile phone era is about to open.

Whether it is the real estate bubble or the era of smart phones, Nanjing sauna is the most important two links to seize the pulse of the times. If the ISO system does not appear, it will not be able to start his mobile game plan. As for the market, the Android system is more popular and popular. It will take more time to wait. At the end of 2007, Google will develop Android system with the mobile phone alliance. In 2008, the first Android phone will be produced.

He has long been waiting for the arrival of the great era. To be honest, as a person who is used to a mobile phone in the rabbit country, the fool mobile phone that can only make calls and send emails is indeed A torment.

The red light of the answering machine flashed, and the Nanjing sauna reached out and pressed out the voice of Tori. “The boss, Mr. Vitrolli has come, waiting outside.”

“Let him come in.” After the Nanjing sauna finished, the button was released, the office door was pushed open, and Tori followed Alves and walked in.

“Good morning, boss.”

The Nanjing sauna smiled and reached out and said: “Good morning, sit down and talk, what do you drink? Tori’s caramel macchiato coffee is great.”

“Oh, then come for a cup, thank you.” Alvitt said with a smile and nodded.

Looking at Tori’s quick departure from the office, the Nanjing sauna turned his eyes to the opposite Al, and asked with a smile: “What, let you see me so urgently?”

“I received the news that George Soros contacted Michael Bray through his nephew Solsolos and seemed to have an interest in CDS,” Alvitre said with a smile.

“Oh, it seems that smart people are really a lot!” Nanjing sauna is not surprised by the involvement of George Soros, as a capital predator, playing a hedge master, can not see the problem of real estate bubble, it is not normal .

“Maybe he found out something. Boss, this time’s “Times” interview, I hope that you can promote as much as possible, revealing the development of several companies, this is a good publicity opportunity for us It is helpful to speculate on the high valuation plan. At the same time, we will increase the number of exposures of the ridiculous bird game company. The valuation of the game company is still a bit low. According to the current sales situation, the valuation of 500 million US dollars should be no problem. “Alvitre said slowly.

“Well, I know.” Nanjing sauna seriously nodded, he naturally knows that even the 1 billion valuation is underestimated, with the richness of mobile devices, the valuation of the game “My World” alone It has reached 2 billion US dollars and is currently subject to equipment constraints. Underestimation is also impossible.

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