The voice of the Nanjing sauna fell, and the office was in a short silence.

“Times” came over several people today. It’s a bit overwhelming for the Nanjing sauna. Nima, what has never been put in the heart !

No matter how to vomit in the heart, the interview still has to continue, but for the Nanjing sauna still calm expression, light tone and clear eyes, let them feel that the other party is not because of young publicity, deliberate display, but the words just said are indeed true In other words, this made the people sitting in the room full of expectations for this interview.

“So Mr. Smith, say creativity and inspiration, where does your intuition come from?” Zakaria looked at the calm and confident Nanjing sauna, his eyes flashed a glimmer of light, he did not dislike the Nanjing sauna just now, how do you say it? A little ostentatious words, but I feel that this is the difference between genius and ordinary people.

“Well…” The Nanjing sauna snorted and thought about it: “Everyone knows that I have lost inspiration for a while, it’s a dark age, like a deep swamp, no matter how struggling, no Self-salvation, later, I tried to adapt some fairy tales I had seen as a child, using adult thinking to interpret and describe, that is, the series of “Dark Fairy Tales” published some time ago, and later saw the TV show, I have “Hunger Games” The story of the story, and then the “Da Ren Xiu” program’s creativity…”

“So can you think that many of your ideas, inspired by the inspiration or reference of the existing things in reality?” Zakaria interrupted the narrative of the Nanjing sauna, and the questions raised were also very difficult. There are also several media outlets who have said that the creativity of the Nanjing sauna is “learning from”. This is the saying of staying in the face.

The Nanjing sauna did not feel angry about Zakaria’s problems. The expression on his face was still calm, his mouth was slightly tilted, his elbows were placed on the armrests of his sofa, his hands crossed his fingers on his chest, and his eyes became sharp.

“Oh, Picasso once said, “Working copy, skillful thief”, I never feel ashamed to learn from other ideas. I am familiar with the outstanding achievements of human beings in various fields, try to integrate it into what you do, and look at it. The history of human development, every innovation in science and technology, is it not standing on the shoulders of predecessors?

I saw the talent show on TV. I produced the concept of “Hunger Games” novels. I wrote and wrote, and I had the idea of ​​”Da Ren Xiu”. Then, in the process of writing novels, I felt that “Da Ren The competition is not intense and cruel, so I have the creative idea of ​​”Good Voice”. I am not shy about stealing great ideas, because I will add my thoughts, new ideas or variants, which will produce more What a great idea, of course, is that they are all legal. ”

“Your frankness is admirable. I said the novel “Hunger Games”. I saw a lot of descriptions of future technologies, such as holographic images, magnetic fields, genetic engineering, magnetic suspension, etc., which are refreshing. Some scientists even said that the technology that appeared in the novel gave them a lot of inspiration. How do you think about this problem?”

Zakaria was very surprised by the answer to the Nanjing sauna. He was amazed at his frankness and did not refute or fully deny the questioning of the reference. After all, in Zakaria’s view, human science and technology development is based on The reference to the achievements of the predecessors, only the innovation, but perhaps borrowed from the achievements of different fields, it is necessary to patiently analyze, no creativity can be separated from the process of learning.

“Many of the technologies mentioned in my novels will be realized in the next 10 years. This is not my nonsense, such as holographic images, which can also be called AR, augmented reality technology, and VR virtual reality technology. It will be just another imagination. I am very interested in these two technologies, and I have ideas to participate in them.

Smart watches, ultra-loop trains with a speed of 250 miles per hour, and drones that are used to supply players to the game players will be realized and widely used. “Nanjing sauna is leaning on a comfortable sofa, eyes flashing with wisdom, calmly talking, the kind of affirmative tone, so that Zakaria feels that the technology he said is really not far away.

In the following interview, Nanjing Sauna began to talk with Zakaria on the basis of the leader’s nearly 10 years of experience. Several people present here were deeply attracted and admired by the candid character of Nanjing Sauna, extraordinary charm and unique vision. .

The “smartphone era” that Nanjing Sauna has said is coming soon. It will eliminate all existing mobile communication devices, and the bold advance predictions that change people’s lifestyles are caused by the listing of Time magazine. Extensive attention and questioning.

For the touting of his own game company, he spared no effort, even brazenly began to brag, “Under the Legend” this still developing game, since he became the forerunner of artificial intelligence in his mouth, in his description, it seems that this game It is the application of the specific implementation of AI technology.

It should be known that in 2007, artificial intelligence was quite popular. Some large high-tech companies have invested huge sums of money in the research of artificial intelligence. This time, his satellite has also successfully attracted the attention of the scientific and technological community. It also brought the valuation of the ridiculous bird game company to a new height.

After the interview, it was the photo time of the magazine cover. In the sun, the Nanjing sauna stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, with one hand in the trouser pocket, the right hand gently pinched the chin, handsome face, deep eyes, slightly wrinkled brows It seems to be thinking about what, the combination of light and shadow, the effect of the photo is amazing.

The Zakaria group was sent away. The Nanjing sauna was carrying coffee, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, watching the sunny sky outside. The warm winter sun was shining on the body, which made people feel a little warm. I said in an interview today. If you have, it may cause some waves in the short term. After all, the predictions for smartphones have touched many people’s nerves. North America’s BlackBerry, Europe’s Nokia, and Motorola may all jump out and ridicule him. After all, even Apple. The venting of the mobile phone has attracted a lot of ridicule, let alone his newcomer.

However, it does not matter, in a few months, these people’s faces can be swollen, watching them quit the stage of history one by one, the arrival of the big era will not be postponed by the ridicule of some stubborn vested interests.

I don’t know, what will happen when Joe Dashen sees this report! What are you cherishing? Oh, think more, his self-confident person will only think that the Nanjing sauna is a smart boy, and he is the forerunner of the times.

Drinking the coffee, the Nanjing sauna put the coffee cup on the table, went to the hanger and took off his coat and put it on, and put it on the coat mirror, and the corner of the mouth showed a smile.

There is also a xing sensation waiting for his favor in the hotel, today is a wonderful day. The newly released world’s top ten goddess of xing, Scarlett Johansson topped the list, which makes the Nanjing sauna very happy. The goddess of this wind sao will now only turn around under his own body. This conquest is self-confident. Undoubtedly a big boost.

The temperament and momentum of the winners and the superiors are accumulated in the continuous success and repeated conquests.

Under the eyes of the assistant, leaving the company, the car took a few circles on the streets of Manhattan before entering the underground parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel, sitting on the member-only elevator to the floor, the membership card brushed the Ambassador Suite The door went into the room.

The Nanjing sauna took off his coat and suit and threw it on the sofa. While untiring the tie, he quickly walked to the front of the bedroom door, pushed open the door, saw the messy white bed, did not have Scarlett’s figure, listened to the ear, in the bathroom. There was a sound of water, a smile, and the removal of the clothes from the three, five and two, has begun to stand up and salute the 28th, it is a bit of a face, people shudder.

Pushing open the bathroom door, Scarlett, who is playing with water in the bathtub, saw the Nanjing sauna coming in. It was not beautiful, the chun was swaying, the mouth was smiling, and stood up from the bathtub. The perfect curve was displayed in the Nanjing sauna. In front of your eyes, towering, full, fascinating.

Lifting his legs into the bathtub, the Nanjing sauna smiled and lay down, looking up at the garden, the morning dew crystal, beautiful.

The water in the bathtub was soaring, the sound of crisp snoring and the overflowing shower water falling on the bathroom floor, the shameful words and the heavy gasping, accompanied by screams and screams, filled the room with impunity. .

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