The full-size custom version of Cadillac Escalade was slowly driving in the streets of Manhattan in the afternoon.

The Nanjing sauna lowered the window slightly, and the cool breeze blew into the car, making him feel a little tired. A vibrate.

To be honest, today’s sweat in Scarlett’s fat field is inevitably a bit too much, too fierce, and I am still worried that I will go all out to play badly. I think she can come over and the resilience is amazing. The hotel did not have a soft leg.

Although it is inevitable to feel tired in a few women’s worries, but think of a few women who I have now, that one is not the best goddess, ladies, shadows, xing sensation, supermodel, all are hopeless in the past Unable to do, for a bull who is exhausted in many fat fields, he is loyal.

Looking at the noisy crowds on the street, now is the time to work, people do not have the focus of walking in the morning when they go to work, a little more relaxed, but still walk in their own world, whether there is filming on the road, standing on the street Quarreling, relying on the wall to sit begging, they turn a blind eye, and will not stop to watch. This is New York, the busiest area of ​​Manhattan, where you can either fight or die!

. . . . . .

Two nights later, the Nanjing sauna was lying on the large soft sofa in the living room. Some of the distressed Ivana lying in her arms from behind, caressing her long blond hair, even Ivana. The fitness horse is facing pale time, pale and weak.

Brown sugar water, the warm water bag bought from Chinatown, Nanjing sauna is still very experienced, at least let Ivana feel a lot more comfortable, just lazy and irritated, these two points, he really has no way, can only bear silently Her bad mood.

Helping her to scorn the belly without a trace of flesh and blood, watching the Golden Globe Awards Gala being played on TV, the Nanjing sauna looked at Ivana with a slap in the face, and really didn’t know what to say.

Just now, the Golden Globe Red Carpet, when Scarlett Johansson appeared, was indeed a glamorous scent, radiant, with a red big round neck Valentino womenswear, a pair of tall and full of big baby was lifted very attractive Almost bursting out, the red dress’s belt and the back hem with pleated trims let the party’s camera stare at it and spread it through the United States.

Ivana, who was already upset, saw Scarlett’s face, and her face immediately became difficult to look at. The curse that was invisible in her mouth: “Smelly scorpion!” Turning his head and staring at the Nanjing sauna Want to find a temper from the hair, Nanjing sauna is naturally holding hands up immediately, a pair of surrender appearance, a smile.

“Hey!” A cold, squeaky sound, slamming the remote control and changing the table. The Nanjing sauna has turned a blind eye and he wants to see Charlize Theron’s red carpet. Besides, Scarlett said on TV that she appreciates herself very much. He has no choice, perhaps because the host mentioned it at the time. Ivana, Scarlett’s very disdainful grin makes her unhappy. This is really an innocent disaster.

When I go to bed at night, the Nanjing sauna and Ivana skin are close together. He is now both a pillow and a stove, looking at Ivana curled up in his arms, reaching for his handle, naughty Looking at the smile of the Nanjing sauna, “I said, this is a bit too much!”

“Giggle… Punish you!”

Nanjing sauna students couldn’t help but look at the ceiling, and ignored the Ivana who was slamming him. . .

One night, nothing happened. When the Nanjing sauna woke up in the morning, holding a full peak in his hand, this became his habit. Who made his women have a pair of big treasures that people can’t put down.

Knowing that Ivana was a little lazy, she didn’t bother her. She carefully took her hand off her, opened the quilt and went to bed, turned back and covered her quilt, took the nightgown from the carpet and put it on, slamming away. bedroom.

Today, he didn’t have time to spend his vacation at home with Ivana, because in the morning he was going to attend the signing press conference for the Gossip Girl TV series. This was his first work being put on the small screen and he had to pay attention to it. It is the first publicity campaign of this TV series.

After the washing, the shirt and tie, the suit shoes were sorted out, walked to the table where the breakfast was already set up, picked up a sandwich and took a bite and began to look at the newspaper this morning.

On the entertainment version, the shadow of a black veil skirt, black belt with seven points and high heels, wrist with a Nanjing sauna gave her diamond bracelet, chun Guangbi Lu, noble and glamorous. Just the shoulders of the long blond hair have been cut short, but, natural beauty, what hairstyle is beautiful.

After breakfast, after drinking a large cup of cow nai, wiped the mouth with a napkin, returned to the bedroom, looked at Ivana still sleeping, gently leaned over and kissed her forehead, smiled. Carefully brought the door, and after saying hello to the maid, he left home.

Drive to the “New York Observer” newspaper, Nanjing sauna saw a sofa in the rest area outside his office, Tori Blake holding a black briefcase in his hand, sitting quietly waiting.

When he saw him coming, he hurriedly stood up from the sofa and said hello to him. After the Nanjing sauna had a lot of clothes under her clothes, the white black-necked round neck suit, a small silk scarf on the powder neck, black dark pattern stockings A pair of slender legs wrapped around, satisfied nodded, turned back and his little secretary in the newspaper nodded and nodded, after introducing the two, they pushed the door into the office.

Sitting in the boss’s chair, I took the briefing that Tori handed over and began to look at it.

Around 9:30 in the morning, the Nanjing sauna stood up from the seat, took the suit that Tori handed over, put on the tie under the coat mirror, left the office with a small assistant, the lobby on the first floor and Pitka. Pu Lan and his party met and went straight to the CW TV building.

Cw TV news hall, the press conference has been packed, Nanjing sauna in the lounge and cw TV ceo and the producer of the “Gossip Girl” crew, the director introduced each other, and then talked with the director about the next two episodes The script, after all, the first five episodes of the TV series were personally adapted by himself, and still need to communicate well with the crew.

However, the time was a bit rushed. The Nanjing sauna and the other party agreed to talk again when the actress casts the horn. The group walked into the venue’s rostrum in the long guns and short guns of many reporters.

Then there was a cw TV host, Barabala, who spoke, and the scene was not bad. Then I introduced the identity of several people present here. The saunas of Nanjing Sauna and CW TV all complimented each other with a smile. Some time.

Then there was the signing ceremony. The Nanjing sauna and the other party signed the contract and signed the contract. The signing was completed in the warm applause.

The scene began to become noisy, because the reporter was questioning the time, and the reporters who were green-eyed were staring at the Nanjing sauna Smith who was sitting on the stage with a smile.

The Nanjing sauna has a calm smile on the face. This is one of the few reporters who can get a smile from the Nanjing sauna. After all, it is necessary to use people, and the attitude is naturally better. Turned his head and glanced at the host standing on the side, squinting his eyes, and the other nodded and understood.

As the reporters said, the questions they asked must be related to Gossip Girl, and other questions will not be answered.

“Hello, Mr. Smith, I am a reporter for The New York Times. I want to ask, what do you expect from your first adaptation of the TV series? After all, the novel “Gossip Girl” is very popular among young people. You can Do you predict the ratings?”

“Oh, thank you for your compliment. Look forward to it, um, I hope that “Gossip Girl” is not only a time-consuming drama, but also a youth fashion life, the trend is pointing to the standard…”

The press conference was successfully completed in the state where the Nanjing sauna was set on fire. CW’s ceo and the producer and director of the TV series were only asked once by poor questions. They all smiled and looked at each other, and they were very popular with the Nanjing sauna. There is a new understanding of popularity, and there is confidence in the script that he personally adapted the first five episodes. At least the ratings will not be risky.

Of course, the most important thing is that with the end of the press conference, the interview of the Gossip Girl has also spread. Although the crew has received a large amount of actor information provided by the actor union, the interview activity of the crew is still Prepared in an orderly manner.

The young actors who are eager to get ahead of the crowd are flocking. The screening of the Nanjing sauna will not be involved. As for the main actors of the previous TV series, it will not be screened. It is not the Nanjing sauna that needs to be taken care of. Anyway, he is The final decision maker, even if the actor did not appear, he could take Blake Cleverley out of the crowd.

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