Standing in front of the large coat mirror, the Nanjing sauna looked down at Tory Black, who was already blushing like a cooked crayfish.

The little hand trembled to help him tie his tie, and the nose was full of sweet perfume.

The strong man’s breath constantly impacts the heart of Tori in front of her. She can clearly see the blazing flames in her boss’s charming smile, and she dare not look at him.

The Nanjing sauna did not have the slightest overstepping behavior, that is, the corner of the mouth was slightly tilted, with a smile, looking down at the little assistant, because yesterday I bought clothes to let her take off the glasses, she chose to wear contact lenses today, really obedient It.

“When are you going to tie up?” The Nanjing sauna leaned forward slightly, and with a pressure to make the already nervous and shy Tory Black’s entire body clung to the coat mirror, shrinking his neck, looking down and not looking He seems to be a little wild cat who has no way to bully.

“Right… Sorry, boss, me, I will get it right away!” With a crying, the voice is small and can’t be heard clearly.

The Nanjing sauna looked at the assistant’s appearance. The fire was like adding a combustion aid. It burned fiercely, extended his right hand, held her chin, lifted it up slightly, and looked at her ruddy and pretty face. The closed eyes, the long eyelashes trembled constantly, and the high-spirited Joan’s nose became very violent.

Strong pressure on my inner impulse, secretly took a few deep breaths, stretched out a finger and gently stroked her pink crystal lips, looking at the little beauty who began to tremble, could not help but produce a trace of bad taste, fingers into her Sakura mouth. . .

Looking at Tori, like a well-behaved kitten, the Nanjing sauna was very satisfied. I ignored all the fingers of the saliva. He whispered to the little assistant who was already confused. “If you don’t tie your tie, I will punish.” you…”

After a cold war, I recovered the sense of Tori, shy and pretty, the white teeth biting the lips, the fingers shaking and helping the Nanjing sauna tie the tie, watching the young and handsome boss satisfied with the photo. Mirror, turned to her and said: “The people of Time magazine will come over, adjust yourself, don’t make a mistake, don’t punish me for your reasons…”

Looking at the boss turned to the desk, Tory Black leaned on the coat mirror, the lips were lightly whispered, whispered like a whisper, and quickly gasped, her pretty face was covered with blush, stepping up the legs, licking the stream The account has been wet, and shame makes her almost want to die.

Nanjing sauna is very comfortable, this little assistant is really the best, huh, huh, I can’t help but want to swear.

At about 9 o’clock, Tory Black, who had recovered, pushed the door of the office and walked in with Zakaria, a member of Time magazine.

The Nanjing sauna had a faint smile on his face. After shaking hands with a few people, he walked to the rest area near the large floor-to-ceiling window. The comfortable and soft sofa, the Nanjing sauna and Zakaria were sitting opposite each other. They each adjusted a comfortable and relaxed posture. After Tory Black sent in the coffee, the interview began.

The micro-recorder was placed on the square table in the middle. Zakaria held a pen in his hand and folded his legs. The interview was placed on the thigh, with a smile on his face. He looked at the Nanjing sauna opposite: “First of all, thank you Mr. Ans Smith, you can accept an interview with our weekly magazine. After all, everyone knows that you rarely accept media interviews. I am very honored. So the first question, how do you think about the wealth you have now, the media calls you For the most profitable young people, there is also a Nanjing sauna that calls you crazy. From the millions of dollars in assets to the current 400 million net worth, you only spent 7 months. This is crazy, and you only have 22 now. year old…”

The Nanjing sauna has a faint smile on his face. He didn’t feel uncomfortable because Zakaria came up around his wealth question. The US emperor is a money society after all. What is more attractive than money and wealth? .

“Oh.” The Nanjing sauna shook his head and smiled. He said with a finger: “First, I corrected one thing and said that I have assets of 400 million US dollars, but the Wall Street Journal estimated through some news reports and data that can be investigated. I can tell you that this data is wrong.”

“Oh? So, is Mr. Smith convenient to disclose the amount of your assets? I think the people are still very concerned about this issue.” Zakaria is a veteran ace reporter, and he heard that the Nanjing sauna does not mind revealing his own. The amount of assets, immediately asked.

“There is nothing to say. After all, my wealth is based on my talents and teamwork. My think tank has only recently compiled the figures. My current total assets have exceeded $1 billion. Of course. This includes the company’s valuation.”

The voice of the Nanjing sauna has just fallen, and several “Times Weekly” staff members, including Zakaria, have been sucking in the air. They are still looking at the young people who are sitting in front of them, and they can’t help but marvel. Nima, it’s a enchanting!

“God, this is really crazy! It’s amazing, it’s unbelievable, the youngest person who makes money, this title is really appropriate.” Zakaria used three exclamations in succession. Venting his inner amazement, looking at the calm and confident Nanjing sauna, the heart is like a river, he interviewed many rich and famous people, but like the Nanjing sauna, this young man, the youngest billionaire, is the first time.

“So, can you share your success with the American people? And, how do you think about the wealth you have, this is $1 billion, luxury, super-run, yacht, plane, for you It’s a piece of cake, but I don’t see your news. How are you going to spend it?”

“Oh, in fact, my growth process, many media have also reported, basically there is no difference, it does not have to be described. As for how to look at wealth, in fact, I have no concept of money…” Nanjing sauna face belt With a calm expression, a faint attire, looking at the opposite side, including Zakaria, a horrified look, continued to faintly loaded.

“I was only 16 years old when I was worth more than a million dollars. I was worth more than $100 million when I was 21 years old and three months old. Now I am over $1 billion at 22 years old. To be honest, in my heart, money is not that important. When I started writing novels, I didn’t want to make money. Later, I started a company business, not for money. Of course, having money is a great thing, at least I can have the ability to do a lot of things.” Nanjing sauna kind of money Indifferent, the kind of dollar that seems to be a lot of money is just the same tone of some paper figures, almost let everyone in the room spit out a blood, one by one in the bottom of my heart, cursing the tall handsome in front of me, young More gold loaded the youth.

Zakaria secretly exhaled a sigh of gas, forced to bite the opposite side of this pretending to force the youth, some biting his teeth and stiff face, a smile, asked: “For example… What is interesting thing?”

“Well… For example, when I was tired of writing a novel, I would play with the assembled model. At that time, I thought, if I could have a large piece of land, then I would build my favorite building. I found it. This is a wonderful idea that can be implemented in a computer, but professional software requires a high level of expertise, why not make a sandbox game of construction, then I will spend money to buy a game that is going to close down. The company, let the group of excellent programmers in the company turn my ideas into reality…”

Saying, the Nanjing sauna smiled confidently, shook his hands and shrugged, and continued: “In the end, my company turned it into a classic game, “My World”, when the game company started its acquisition. The $5 million, which has risen to the current $300 million, is the latest estimate from several recent third-party assessment agencies.”

“In fact, at the beginning, I invested in a game company. I was thinking about investing in realizing ideas and ideas that could not be recycled in the short term. I value the company I acquired. It was every employee in the company at the time. It was the game we made and whether people I like my creativity, so I never put my money in my heart!”

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