In the Ambassador Suite of the Four Seasons Hotel, the messy big bed, under the crumpled white quilt, the Nanjing sauna curled up in his arms, and Scarlett, who had a white thigh pressed against him, took a nap.


The scene in the bedroom is very messy, the dining car is on the side of the big bed, there are only some leftovers left on the left, there are some red wine in the two goblets, two bottles of red wine, all stumbled on the dining car, a pair The broken silk stockings hang on the handlebars of the dining car, and a group of paper towels are scattered on the white and soft wool carpet.

The sound of the cell phone vibrates, so that the Nanjing sauna wakes up from sleep, opens his eyes, licks a little bulging temple, and gently pulls his arm that has been smothered by Scarlett from under her neck. After a few activities, I turned over and took the mobile phone on the bedside table. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. There were several missed calls on the mobile phone, and I did not pay attention to it and threw it aside.

Looking down at Scarlett, who was still asleep, could not help but shake her head and laugh, it was a crazy woman. Before the three-hour continuous battle, she even bite her teeth, even if the last moment was full of convulsions, she would die. Dead and hugged the Nanjing sauna, eyesless and watching the fireworks bloom.

This pair of dogs and men, is also a chess opponent, a self-contained property full of aura, a bite of death, a very happy, although Scarlett is eating, but in her words, “before leaving Squeeze him and let the so-called ladies not eat!”

Stretching out his fingers and licking Scarlett’s “Red Lips at a glance”, the round and moist fleshy body makes the Nanjing sauna almost easy to put on, as for her amazing super high value, okay, At this point, many people’s aesthetics did not agree, because some people think that she is so beautiful, and some feel that she is very ordinary. This is what the benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom.

However, in the eyes of the Nanjing sauna, she is the sensation of the goddess, the beauty and the temperament of the style, showing the beauty of European classicism, just like the girl who came out of the oil painting, the skin is beautiful. The soft jade is warm and fragrant, and when you smile, you can take the soul away.

The hand of the Nanjing sauna gently stroked her white cheeks, brought the Scarlett in her sleep back to reality, swayed the long eyelashes, opened her eyes, and looked at the handsome face of the Nanjing sauna, which could not help but reveal charming charm. The smile, with her unique smoke, said: “Dear, you are so great, I thought it would be killed by you…”

The Nanjing sauna snorted and went forward, kissing the intriguing and attractive red lips, tangled in the lips and tongues, and the peaks and squats fluctuated. The widowed sister just gasped and greeted her. She is now more and more obsessed with the Nanjing sauna. Together, she didn’t want to admit it, but she really fell in love with him.

For a long time, the Nanjing sauna looked down at the beautiful face with two blushing blushes. He smiled lightly: “It is already more than three o’clock. You still have less than an hour of preparation time. I feel that we should get up immediately. !”


Nanjing sauna sucked a bit of cold air, frowning and looking at the flat lying on the bed, Scarlett, a smile on her face, her handle was caught in her hand, did not dare to move, really a light and no weight Female fairy.

Looking at the Nanjing sauna, where his eyes became very dangerous, Scarlett was like a cat who had only done bad things. He spit out his tongue, turned over, and got out of the pressure of the Nanjing sauna. He giggled and opened the quilt and jumped out of bed. The perfect curve and the peak of the bounce are fascinating.

White, too white, the skin of the widowed sister is amazing, the Nanjing sauna looked at her fat beauty tun, could not help but swallow a mouthful of water, is worthy of being named “the fashion man” ing sense goddess.

The two of them rushed to the shower and began to pack up. The Nanjing sauna quickly put on their clothes and sat on the sofa next to it, watching Scarlett sitting in front of the dressing table.

“Is there any confidence in this year’s Golden Globe Award?”

“Ha~ I have nominated for a supporting actress, and the competition is very fierce. I hope that I will be nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the second consecutive year. Oh, I hope it is not big.” Scarlett brushed herself with mascara. Eyelashes, while self-deprecating.

“No way, you are too beautiful. In the eyes of the Golden Globe and Oscar judges, the beautiful actress is a vase, unless it is the same as Charlize Theron, subverting the image, otherwise it is difficult to get the award, you should still go If you like a commercial film, you can participate in one of the two films. Don’t worry too much.” Nanjing Sauna knows that Scarlett still values ​​these awards very much, otherwise it will not continue to participate in the art films, but unfortunately, her The beauty and ing body is really eye-catching. Although she is not lacking in acting, it is still difficult to get rid of the stereotype of the glamorous vase.

As a person with a pillow, the Nanjing sauna definitely does not want to see her holding the wish to participate in the literary film again and again, selected for various nominations, and finally can only applaud others with bitterness, this is definitely a blow and torture.

“Ha…” Scarlett stopped her movements and turned to smile and looked at a serious expression of the Nanjing sauna: “You are really frank enough! However, I am not willing!”

The Nanjing sauna stood up from the sofa, walked behind her, put her hands on her shoulders, gently twitched her shoulders, and looked at the images of the two in the mirror to persuade: “It’s not too warm The literary film, it is better to focus on the commercial blockbuster, participate in some action films, expand your play, temporarily you can not reverse the impression of the vase in the eyes of the judges, the commercial queen is more suitable for you, although I hate Angelina Jolie, but have to say that she is a shrewd woman, very accurate in her understanding and positioning, look at her now, the status of Hollywood actress, fame and pay, who can and She is beautiful!”

The Nanjing sauna made Scarlett immersed in contemplation. To be honest, as a child star, she was lucky. The transformation was very successful. She did not disappear as much as many child stars on the screen. Although the transformation was successful, people seemed to prefer it. Seeing her plump figure, as for the movie, she is also a good name. Her current reputation and status in Hollywood is a bit embarrassing. Although there are many films, but the cost is too much, the art films and romance films seem to have become vases. Actor, this is not what she wants.

Scarlett’s eyes restored to the clear, backhand grasping the warm hand of the Nanjing sauna placed on her shoulders, with a charming smile on her face, with a hoarse voice: “Thank you, dear, I will be with my agent.” Let’s talk about it, I think it’s time to try something else.”

The Nanjing sauna smiled and shook her little hand and seriously persuaded: “And, quit your cigarette, it is not good for your skin, and it will accelerate the aging speed of women!”

Nanjing Sauna knows that Scarlett Johansson has been smoking since she was 15 years old, and she is an old smoker. Plus, she is a person who is ing, does not care about some of her own shortcomings, and does not care about losing weight. So many times, the street photograph taken by the paparazzi has a feeling of blinking, and it seems that her time of beauty is a bit short, maybe it has a certain relationship with her Russian blood, or she may be old smoke with her. The people have a great relationship. In short, since the two have a relationship that is unclear and entangled, he will not sit back and watch Scarlett ing.

“It’s a little difficult! Let me try it. Sometimes I get upset, I will want to smoke if I am bored…” Scarlett looked at the Nanjing sauna in the mirror with a serious expression, and explained with a smile.

“I believe that you will quit, not for others, just for yourself! Right, go back and read my newly-written serial novel “National Treasure”, the heroine inside is for you!”

The voice of the Nanjing sauna just fell, Scarlett’s face with a charming smile, stood up, turned around and wrapped his feet around his neck, and kissed him on his lips. He said with a smile: “I I have been following, I like this story, thank you, dear.”

Nanjing sauna smiled and looked down at the glamorous Scarlett, her hands knead on her plump hips and said: “I am the second largest shareholder at Peak Entertainment, I will pay attention to the right role… ”

After the Nanjing sauna and Scarlett packed up, they spent a lot of time in the living room. The time was almost the same. This time they went out to the elevator and went directly to the underground parking lot. Kenny opened the BMW of the Nanjing sauna mother. The car, after picking up Scarlett, went straight to Kennedy Airport, while the Nanjing sauna sat on the Cadillac suv, leaving the Four Seasons Hotel, and stealing the qing trip is over.

Putting a part of the emotions on Scarlett is a well-thought-out of the Nanjing sauna. She is an unstable factor. If the two only have a combination of yw, no one knows what kind of moths she will make. Of course, this is only the second and most The main thing is to be the world’s most famous goddess of ing. If you have the opportunity to collect it privately, why should you let go? Before that, I was worried that this little sao goods would not be able to withstand loneliness, carrying him around and putting the sky above the head of the Nanjing sauna. It is green.

However, through these months of exchanges and observations, although the widowed sister is indeed unparalleled, but not the guise of not going offline, at least in the months when she decided to maintain a comrade-in-arms relationship with the Nanjing sauna, she did not hook up the man. This makes the Nanjing sauna a lot of relief, and is willing to pay more jing power and feelings on her.

At least not the same as the idea that I had before, I can abandon it at any time. In fact, in addition to a little ing and impulsiveness, the widowed sister dares to love and hate, the marriage of past lives and the green light, because I know the green light marriage. Derailed Black, chose to divorce without saying anything, the reason is not to waste time, to be honest, in her heart, it is very desirable to be a good wife and mother.

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