The full-size custom version of Cadillac Escalade was slowly driving in the streets of Manhattan in the afternoon.

The Nanjing sauna lowered the window slightly, and the cool breeze blew into the car, making him feel a little tired. A vibrate.

To be honest, today’s sweat in Scarlett’s fat field is inevitably a bit too much, too fierce, and I am still worried that I will go all out to play badly. I think she can come over and the resilience is amazing. The hotel did not have a soft leg.

Although it is inevitable to feel tired in a few women’s worries, but think of a few women who I have now, that one is not the best goddess, ladies, shadows, xing sensation, supermodel, all are hopeless in the past Unable to do, for a bull who is exhausted in many fat fields, he is loyal.

Looking at the noisy crowds on the street, now is the time to work, people do not have the focus of walking in the morning when they go to work, a little more relaxed, but still walk in their own world, whether there is filming on the road, standing on the street Quarreling, relying on the wall to sit begging, they turn a blind eye, and will not stop to watch. This is New York, the busiest area of ​​Manhattan, where you can either fight or die!

. . . . . .

Two nights later, the Nanjing sauna was lying on the large soft sofa in the living room. Some of the distressed Ivana lying in her arms from behind, caressing her long blond hair, even Ivana. The fitness horse is facing pale time, pale and weak.

Brown sugar water, the warm water bag bought from Chinatown, Nanjing sauna is still very experienced, at least let Ivana feel a lot more comfortable, just lazy and irritated, these two points, he really has no way, can only bear silently Her bad mood.

Helping her to scorn the belly without a trace of flesh and blood, watching the Golden Globe Awards Gala being played on TV, the Nanjing sauna looked at Ivana with a slap in the face, and really didn’t know what to say.

Just now, the Golden Globe Red Carpet, when Scarlett Johansson appeared, was indeed a glamorous scent, radiant, with a red big round neck Valentino womenswear, a pair of tall and full of big baby was lifted very attractive Almost bursting out, the red dress’s belt and the back hem with pleated trims let the party’s camera stare at it and spread it through the United States.

Ivana, who was already upset, saw Scarlett’s face, and her face immediately became difficult to look at. The curse that was invisible in her mouth: “Smelly scorpion!” Turning his head and staring at the Nanjing sauna Want to find a temper from the hair, Nanjing sauna is naturally holding hands up immediately, a pair of surrender appearance, a smile.

“Hey!” A cold, squeaky sound, slamming the remote control and changing the table. The Nanjing sauna has turned a blind eye and he wants to see Charlize Theron’s red carpet. Besides, Scarlett said on TV that she appreciates herself very much. He has no choice, perhaps because the host mentioned it at the time. Ivana, Scarlett’s very disdainful grin makes her unhappy. This is really an innocent disaster.

When I go to bed at night, the Nanjing sauna and Ivana skin are close together. He is now both a pillow and a stove, looking at Ivana curled up in his arms, reaching for his handle, naughty Looking at the smile of the Nanjing sauna, “I said, this is a bit too much!”

“Giggle… Punish you!”

Nanjing sauna students couldn’t help but look at the ceiling, and ignored the Ivana who was slamming him. . .

One night, nothing happened. When the Nanjing sauna woke up in the morning, holding a full peak in his hand, this became his habit. Who made his women have a pair of big treasures that people can’t put down.

Knowing that Ivana was a little lazy, she didn’t bother her. She carefully took her hand off her, opened the quilt and went to bed, turned back and covered her quilt, took the nightgown from the carpet and put it on, slamming away. bedroom.

Today, he didn’t have time to spend his vacation at home with Ivana, because in the morning he was going to attend the signing press conference for the Gossip Girl TV series. This was his first work being put on the small screen and he had to pay attention to it. It is the first publicity campaign of this TV series.

After the washing, the shirt and tie, the suit shoes were sorted out, walked to the table where the breakfast was already set up, picked up a sandwich and took a bite and began to look at the newspaper this morning.

On the entertainment version, the shadow of a black veil skirt, black belt with seven points and high heels, wrist with a Nanjing sauna gave her diamond bracelet, chun Guangbi Lu, noble and glamorous. Just the shoulders of the long blond hair have been cut short, but, natural beauty, what hairstyle is beautiful.

After breakfast, after drinking a large cup of cow nai, wiped the mouth with a napkin, returned to the bedroom, looked at Ivana still sleeping, gently leaned over and kissed her forehead, smiled. Carefully brought the door, and after saying hello to the maid, he left home.

Drive to the “New York Observer” newspaper, Nanjing sauna saw a sofa in the rest area outside his office, Tori Blake holding a black briefcase in his hand, sitting quietly waiting.

When he saw him coming, he hurriedly stood up from the sofa and said hello to him. After the Nanjing sauna had a lot of clothes under her clothes, the white black-necked round neck suit, a small silk scarf on the powder neck, black dark pattern stockings A pair of slender legs wrapped around, satisfied nodded, turned back and his little secretary in the newspaper nodded and nodded, after introducing the two, they pushed the door into the office.

Sitting in the boss’s chair, I took the briefing that Tori handed over and began to look at it.

Around 9:30 in the morning, the Nanjing sauna stood up from the seat, took the suit that Tori handed over, put on the tie under the coat mirror, left the office with a small assistant, the lobby on the first floor and Pitka. Pu Lan and his party met and went straight to the CW TV building.

Cw TV news hall, the press conference has been packed, Nanjing sauna in the lounge and cw TV ceo and the producer of the “Gossip Girl” crew, the director introduced each other, and then talked with the director about the next two episodes The script, after all, the first five episodes of the TV series were personally adapted by himself, and still need to communicate well with the crew.

However, the time was a bit rushed. The Nanjing sauna and the other party agreed to talk again when the actress casts the horn. The group walked into the venue’s rostrum in the long guns and short guns of many reporters.

Then there was a cw TV host, Barabala, who spoke, and the scene was not bad. Then I introduced the identity of several people present here. The saunas of Nanjing Sauna and CW TV all complimented each other with a smile. Some time.

Then there was the signing ceremony. The Nanjing sauna and the other party signed the contract and signed the contract. The signing was completed in the warm applause.

The scene began to become noisy, because the reporter was questioning the time, and the reporters who were green-eyed were staring at the Nanjing sauna Smith who was sitting on the stage with a smile.

The Nanjing sauna has a calm smile on the face. This is one of the few reporters who can get a smile from the Nanjing sauna. After all, it is necessary to use people, and the attitude is naturally better. Turned his head and glanced at the host standing on the side, squinting his eyes, and the other nodded and understood.

As the reporters said, the questions they asked must be related to Gossip Girl, and other questions will not be answered.

“Hello, Mr. Smith, I am a reporter for The New York Times. I want to ask, what do you expect from your first adaptation of the TV series? After all, the novel “Gossip Girl” is very popular among young people. You can Do you predict the ratings?”

“Oh, thank you for your compliment. Look forward to it, um, I hope that “Gossip Girl” is not only a time-consuming drama, but also a youth fashion life, the trend is pointing to the standard…”

The press conference was successfully completed in the state where the Nanjing sauna was set on fire. CW’s ceo and the producer and director of the TV series were only asked once by poor questions. They all smiled and looked at each other, and they were very popular with the Nanjing sauna. There is a new understanding of popularity, and there is confidence in the script that he personally adapted the first five episodes. At least the ratings will not be risky.

Of course, the most important thing is that with the end of the press conference, the interview of the Gossip Girl has also spread. Although the crew has received a large amount of actor information provided by the actor union, the interview activity of the crew is still Prepared in an orderly manner.

The young actors who are eager to get ahead of the crowd are flocking. The screening of the Nanjing sauna will not be involved. As for the main actors of the previous TV series, it will not be screened. It is not the Nanjing sauna that needs to be taken care of. Anyway, he is The final decision maker, even if the actor did not appear, he could take Blake Cleverley out of the crowd.

In the Ambassador Suite of the Four Seasons Hotel, the messy big bed, under the crumpled white quilt, the Nanjing sauna curled up in his arms, and Scarlett, who had a white thigh pressed against him, took a nap.


The scene in the bedroom is very messy, the dining car is on the side of the big bed, there are only some leftovers left on the left, there are some red wine in the two goblets, two bottles of red wine, all stumbled on the dining car, a pair The broken silk stockings hang on the handlebars of the dining car, and a group of paper towels are scattered on the white and soft wool carpet.

The sound of the cell phone vibrates, so that the Nanjing sauna wakes up from sleep, opens his eyes, licks a little bulging temple, and gently pulls his arm that has been smothered by Scarlett from under her neck. After a few activities, I turned over and took the mobile phone on the bedside table. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. There were several missed calls on the mobile phone, and I did not pay attention to it and threw it aside.

Looking down at Scarlett, who was still asleep, could not help but shake her head and laugh, it was a crazy woman. Before the three-hour continuous battle, she even bite her teeth, even if the last moment was full of convulsions, she would die. Dead and hugged the Nanjing sauna, eyesless and watching the fireworks bloom.

This pair of dogs and men, is also a chess opponent, a self-contained property full of aura, a bite of death, a very happy, although Scarlett is eating, but in her words, “before leaving Squeeze him and let the so-called ladies not eat!”

Stretching out his fingers and licking Scarlett’s “Red Lips at a glance”, the round and moist fleshy body makes the Nanjing sauna almost easy to put on, as for her amazing super high value, okay, At this point, many people’s aesthetics did not agree, because some people think that she is so beautiful, and some feel that she is very ordinary. This is what the benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom.

However, in the eyes of the Nanjing sauna, she is the sensation of the goddess, the beauty and the temperament of the style, showing the beauty of European classicism, just like the girl who came out of the oil painting, the skin is beautiful. The soft jade is warm and fragrant, and when you smile, you can take the soul away.

The hand of the Nanjing sauna gently stroked her white cheeks, brought the Scarlett in her sleep back to reality, swayed the long eyelashes, opened her eyes, and looked at the handsome face of the Nanjing sauna, which could not help but reveal charming charm. The smile, with her unique smoke, said: “Dear, you are so great, I thought it would be killed by you…”

The Nanjing sauna snorted and went forward, kissing the intriguing and attractive red lips, tangled in the lips and tongues, and the peaks and squats fluctuated. The widowed sister just gasped and greeted her. She is now more and more obsessed with the Nanjing sauna. Together, she didn’t want to admit it, but she really fell in love with him.

For a long time, the Nanjing sauna looked down at the beautiful face with two blushing blushes. He smiled lightly: “It is already more than three o’clock. You still have less than an hour of preparation time. I feel that we should get up immediately. !”


Nanjing sauna sucked a bit of cold air, frowning and looking at the flat lying on the bed, Scarlett, a smile on her face, her handle was caught in her hand, did not dare to move, really a light and no weight Female fairy.

Looking at the Nanjing sauna, where his eyes became very dangerous, Scarlett was like a cat who had only done bad things. He spit out his tongue, turned over, and got out of the pressure of the Nanjing sauna. He giggled and opened the quilt and jumped out of bed. The perfect curve and the peak of the bounce are fascinating.

White, too white, the skin of the widowed sister is amazing, the Nanjing sauna looked at her fat beauty tun, could not help but swallow a mouthful of water, is worthy of being named “the fashion man” ing sense goddess.

The two of them rushed to the shower and began to pack up. The Nanjing sauna quickly put on their clothes and sat on the sofa next to it, watching Scarlett sitting in front of the dressing table.

“Is there any confidence in this year’s Golden Globe Award?”

“Ha~ I have nominated for a supporting actress, and the competition is very fierce. I hope that I will be nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the second consecutive year. Oh, I hope it is not big.” Scarlett brushed herself with mascara. Eyelashes, while self-deprecating.

“No way, you are too beautiful. In the eyes of the Golden Globe and Oscar judges, the beautiful actress is a vase, unless it is the same as Charlize Theron, subverting the image, otherwise it is difficult to get the award, you should still go If you like a commercial film, you can participate in one of the two films. Don’t worry too much.” Nanjing Sauna knows that Scarlett still values ​​these awards very much, otherwise it will not continue to participate in the art films, but unfortunately, her The beauty and ing body is really eye-catching. Although she is not lacking in acting, it is still difficult to get rid of the stereotype of the glamorous vase.

As a person with a pillow, the Nanjing sauna definitely does not want to see her holding the wish to participate in the literary film again and again, selected for various nominations, and finally can only applaud others with bitterness, this is definitely a blow and torture.

“Ha…” Scarlett stopped her movements and turned to smile and looked at a serious expression of the Nanjing sauna: “You are really frank enough! However, I am not willing!”

The Nanjing sauna stood up from the sofa, walked behind her, put her hands on her shoulders, gently twitched her shoulders, and looked at the images of the two in the mirror to persuade: “It’s not too warm The literary film, it is better to focus on the commercial blockbuster, participate in some action films, expand your play, temporarily you can not reverse the impression of the vase in the eyes of the judges, the commercial queen is more suitable for you, although I hate Angelina Jolie, but have to say that she is a shrewd woman, very accurate in her understanding and positioning, look at her now, the status of Hollywood actress, fame and pay, who can and She is beautiful!”

The Nanjing sauna made Scarlett immersed in contemplation. To be honest, as a child star, she was lucky. The transformation was very successful. She did not disappear as much as many child stars on the screen. Although the transformation was successful, people seemed to prefer it. Seeing her plump figure, as for the movie, she is also a good name. Her current reputation and status in Hollywood is a bit embarrassing. Although there are many films, but the cost is too much, the art films and romance films seem to have become vases. Actor, this is not what she wants.

Scarlett’s eyes restored to the clear, backhand grasping the warm hand of the Nanjing sauna placed on her shoulders, with a charming smile on her face, with a hoarse voice: “Thank you, dear, I will be with my agent.” Let’s talk about it, I think it’s time to try something else.”

The Nanjing sauna smiled and shook her little hand and seriously persuaded: “And, quit your cigarette, it is not good for your skin, and it will accelerate the aging speed of women!”

Nanjing Sauna knows that Scarlett Johansson has been smoking since she was 15 years old, and she is an old smoker. Plus, she is a person who is ing, does not care about some of her own shortcomings, and does not care about losing weight. So many times, the street photograph taken by the paparazzi has a feeling of blinking, and it seems that her time of beauty is a bit short, maybe it has a certain relationship with her Russian blood, or she may be old smoke with her. The people have a great relationship. In short, since the two have a relationship that is unclear and entangled, he will not sit back and watch Scarlett ing.

“It’s a little difficult! Let me try it. Sometimes I get upset, I will want to smoke if I am bored…” Scarlett looked at the Nanjing sauna in the mirror with a serious expression, and explained with a smile.

“I believe that you will quit, not for others, just for yourself! Right, go back and read my newly-written serial novel “National Treasure”, the heroine inside is for you!”

The voice of the Nanjing sauna just fell, Scarlett’s face with a charming smile, stood up, turned around and wrapped his feet around his neck, and kissed him on his lips. He said with a smile: “I I have been following, I like this story, thank you, dear.”

Nanjing sauna smiled and looked down at the glamorous Scarlett, her hands knead on her plump hips and said: “I am the second largest shareholder at Peak Entertainment, I will pay attention to the right role… ”

After the Nanjing sauna and Scarlett packed up, they spent a lot of time in the living room. The time was almost the same. This time they went out to the elevator and went directly to the underground parking lot. Kenny opened the BMW of the Nanjing sauna mother. The car, after picking up Scarlett, went straight to Kennedy Airport, while the Nanjing sauna sat on the Cadillac suv, leaving the Four Seasons Hotel, and stealing the qing trip is over.

Putting a part of the emotions on Scarlett is a well-thought-out of the Nanjing sauna. She is an unstable factor. If the two only have a combination of yw, no one knows what kind of moths she will make. Of course, this is only the second and most The main thing is to be the world’s most famous goddess of ing. If you have the opportunity to collect it privately, why should you let go? Before that, I was worried that this little sao goods would not be able to withstand loneliness, carrying him around and putting the sky above the head of the Nanjing sauna. It is green.

However, through these months of exchanges and observations, although the widowed sister is indeed unparalleled, but not the guise of not going offline, at least in the months when she decided to maintain a comrade-in-arms relationship with the Nanjing sauna, she did not hook up the man. This makes the Nanjing sauna a lot of relief, and is willing to pay more jing power and feelings on her.

At least not the same as the idea that I had before, I can abandon it at any time. In fact, in addition to a little ing and impulsiveness, the widowed sister dares to love and hate, the marriage of past lives and the green light, because I know the green light marriage. Derailed Black, chose to divorce without saying anything, the reason is not to waste time, to be honest, in her heart, it is very desirable to be a good wife and mother.

The voice of the Nanjing sauna fell, and the office was in a short silence.

“Times” came over several people today. It’s a bit overwhelming for the Nanjing sauna. Nima, what has never been put in the heart !

No matter how to vomit in the heart, the interview still has to continue, but for the Nanjing sauna still calm expression, light tone and clear eyes, let them feel that the other party is not because of young publicity, deliberate display, but the words just said are indeed true In other words, this made the people sitting in the room full of expectations for this interview.

“So Mr. Smith, say creativity and inspiration, where does your intuition come from?” Zakaria looked at the calm and confident Nanjing sauna, his eyes flashed a glimmer of light, he did not dislike the Nanjing sauna just now, how do you say it? A little ostentatious words, but I feel that this is the difference between genius and ordinary people.

“Well…” The Nanjing sauna snorted and thought about it: “Everyone knows that I have lost inspiration for a while, it’s a dark age, like a deep swamp, no matter how struggling, no Self-salvation, later, I tried to adapt some fairy tales I had seen as a child, using adult thinking to interpret and describe, that is, the series of “Dark Fairy Tales” published some time ago, and later saw the TV show, I have “Hunger Games” The story of the story, and then the “Da Ren Xiu” program’s creativity…”

“So can you think that many of your ideas, inspired by the inspiration or reference of the existing things in reality?” Zakaria interrupted the narrative of the Nanjing sauna, and the questions raised were also very difficult. There are also several media outlets who have said that the creativity of the Nanjing sauna is “learning from”. This is the saying of staying in the face.

The Nanjing sauna did not feel angry about Zakaria’s problems. The expression on his face was still calm, his mouth was slightly tilted, his elbows were placed on the armrests of his sofa, his hands crossed his fingers on his chest, and his eyes became sharp.

“Oh, Picasso once said, “Working copy, skillful thief”, I never feel ashamed to learn from other ideas. I am familiar with the outstanding achievements of human beings in various fields, try to integrate it into what you do, and look at it. The history of human development, every innovation in science and technology, is it not standing on the shoulders of predecessors?

I saw the talent show on TV. I produced the concept of “Hunger Games” novels. I wrote and wrote, and I had the idea of ​​”Da Ren Xiu”. Then, in the process of writing novels, I felt that “Da Ren The competition is not intense and cruel, so I have the creative idea of ​​”Good Voice”. I am not shy about stealing great ideas, because I will add my thoughts, new ideas or variants, which will produce more What a great idea, of course, is that they are all legal. ”

“Your frankness is admirable. I said the novel “Hunger Games”. I saw a lot of descriptions of future technologies, such as holographic images, magnetic fields, genetic engineering, magnetic suspension, etc., which are refreshing. Some scientists even said that the technology that appeared in the novel gave them a lot of inspiration. How do you think about this problem?”

Zakaria was very surprised by the answer to the Nanjing sauna. He was amazed at his frankness and did not refute or fully deny the questioning of the reference. After all, in Zakaria’s view, human science and technology development is based on The reference to the achievements of the predecessors, only the innovation, but perhaps borrowed from the achievements of different fields, it is necessary to patiently analyze, no creativity can be separated from the process of learning.

“Many of the technologies mentioned in my novels will be realized in the next 10 years. This is not my nonsense, such as holographic images, which can also be called AR, augmented reality technology, and VR virtual reality technology. It will be just another imagination. I am very interested in these two technologies, and I have ideas to participate in them.

Smart watches, ultra-loop trains with a speed of 250 miles per hour, and drones that are used to supply players to the game players will be realized and widely used. “Nanjing sauna is leaning on a comfortable sofa, eyes flashing with wisdom, calmly talking, the kind of affirmative tone, so that Zakaria feels that the technology he said is really not far away.

In the following interview, Nanjing Sauna began to talk with Zakaria on the basis of the leader’s nearly 10 years of experience. Several people present here were deeply attracted and admired by the candid character of Nanjing Sauna, extraordinary charm and unique vision. .

The “smartphone era” that Nanjing Sauna has said is coming soon. It will eliminate all existing mobile communication devices, and the bold advance predictions that change people’s lifestyles are caused by the listing of Time magazine. Extensive attention and questioning.

For the touting of his own game company, he spared no effort, even brazenly began to brag, “Under the Legend” this still developing game, since he became the forerunner of artificial intelligence in his mouth, in his description, it seems that this game It is the application of the specific implementation of AI technology.

It should be known that in 2007, artificial intelligence was quite popular. Some large high-tech companies have invested huge sums of money in the research of artificial intelligence. This time, his satellite has also successfully attracted the attention of the scientific and technological community. It also brought the valuation of the ridiculous bird game company to a new height.

After the interview, it was the photo time of the magazine cover. In the sun, the Nanjing sauna stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, with one hand in the trouser pocket, the right hand gently pinched the chin, handsome face, deep eyes, slightly wrinkled brows It seems to be thinking about what, the combination of light and shadow, the effect of the photo is amazing.

The Zakaria group was sent away. The Nanjing sauna was carrying coffee, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, watching the sunny sky outside. The warm winter sun was shining on the body, which made people feel a little warm. I said in an interview today. If you have, it may cause some waves in the short term. After all, the predictions for smartphones have touched many people’s nerves. North America’s BlackBerry, Europe’s Nokia, and Motorola may all jump out and ridicule him. After all, even Apple. The venting of the mobile phone has attracted a lot of ridicule, let alone his newcomer.

However, it does not matter, in a few months, these people’s faces can be swollen, watching them quit the stage of history one by one, the arrival of the big era will not be postponed by the ridicule of some stubborn vested interests.

I don’t know, what will happen when Joe Dashen sees this report! What are you cherishing? Oh, think more, his self-confident person will only think that the Nanjing sauna is a smart boy, and he is the forerunner of the times.

Drinking the coffee, the Nanjing sauna put the coffee cup on the table, went to the hanger and took off his coat and put it on, and put it on the coat mirror, and the corner of the mouth showed a smile.

There is also a xing sensation waiting for his favor in the hotel, today is a wonderful day. The newly released world’s top ten goddess of xing, Scarlett Johansson topped the list, which makes the Nanjing sauna very happy. The goddess of this wind sao will now only turn around under his own body. This conquest is self-confident. Undoubtedly a big boost.

The temperament and momentum of the winners and the superiors are accumulated in the continuous success and repeated conquests.

Under the eyes of the assistant, leaving the company, the car took a few circles on the streets of Manhattan before entering the underground parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel, sitting on the member-only elevator to the floor, the membership card brushed the Ambassador Suite The door went into the room.

The Nanjing sauna took off his coat and suit and threw it on the sofa. While untiring the tie, he quickly walked to the front of the bedroom door, pushed open the door, saw the messy white bed, did not have Scarlett’s figure, listened to the ear, in the bathroom. There was a sound of water, a smile, and the removal of the clothes from the three, five and two, has begun to stand up and salute the 28th, it is a bit of a face, people shudder.

Pushing open the bathroom door, Scarlett, who is playing with water in the bathtub, saw the Nanjing sauna coming in. It was not beautiful, the chun was swaying, the mouth was smiling, and stood up from the bathtub. The perfect curve was displayed in the Nanjing sauna. In front of your eyes, towering, full, fascinating.

Lifting his legs into the bathtub, the Nanjing sauna smiled and lay down, looking up at the garden, the morning dew crystal, beautiful.

The water in the bathtub was soaring, the sound of crisp snoring and the overflowing shower water falling on the bathroom floor, the shameful words and the heavy gasping, accompanied by screams and screams, filled the room with impunity. .

Standing in front of the large coat mirror, the Nanjing sauna looked down at Tory Black, who was already blushing like a cooked crayfish.

The little hand trembled to help him tie his tie, and the nose was full of sweet perfume.

The strong man’s breath constantly impacts the heart of Tori in front of her. She can clearly see the blazing flames in her boss’s charming smile, and she dare not look at him.

The Nanjing sauna did not have the slightest overstepping behavior, that is, the corner of the mouth was slightly tilted, with a smile, looking down at the little assistant, because yesterday I bought clothes to let her take off the glasses, she chose to wear contact lenses today, really obedient It.

“When are you going to tie up?” The Nanjing sauna leaned forward slightly, and with a pressure to make the already nervous and shy Tory Black’s entire body clung to the coat mirror, shrinking his neck, looking down and not looking He seems to be a little wild cat who has no way to bully.

“Right… Sorry, boss, me, I will get it right away!” With a crying, the voice is small and can’t be heard clearly.

The Nanjing sauna looked at the assistant’s appearance. The fire was like adding a combustion aid. It burned fiercely, extended his right hand, held her chin, lifted it up slightly, and looked at her ruddy and pretty face. The closed eyes, the long eyelashes trembled constantly, and the high-spirited Joan’s nose became very violent.

Strong pressure on my inner impulse, secretly took a few deep breaths, stretched out a finger and gently stroked her pink crystal lips, looking at the little beauty who began to tremble, could not help but produce a trace of bad taste, fingers into her Sakura mouth. . .

Looking at Tori, like a well-behaved kitten, the Nanjing sauna was very satisfied. I ignored all the fingers of the saliva. He whispered to the little assistant who was already confused. “If you don’t tie your tie, I will punish.” you…”

After a cold war, I recovered the sense of Tori, shy and pretty, the white teeth biting the lips, the fingers shaking and helping the Nanjing sauna tie the tie, watching the young and handsome boss satisfied with the photo. Mirror, turned to her and said: “The people of Time magazine will come over, adjust yourself, don’t make a mistake, don’t punish me for your reasons…”

Looking at the boss turned to the desk, Tory Black leaned on the coat mirror, the lips were lightly whispered, whispered like a whisper, and quickly gasped, her pretty face was covered with blush, stepping up the legs, licking the stream The account has been wet, and shame makes her almost want to die.

Nanjing sauna is very comfortable, this little assistant is really the best, huh, huh, I can’t help but want to swear.

At about 9 o’clock, Tory Black, who had recovered, pushed the door of the office and walked in with Zakaria, a member of Time magazine.

The Nanjing sauna had a faint smile on his face. After shaking hands with a few people, he walked to the rest area near the large floor-to-ceiling window. The comfortable and soft sofa, the Nanjing sauna and Zakaria were sitting opposite each other. They each adjusted a comfortable and relaxed posture. After Tory Black sent in the coffee, the interview began.

The micro-recorder was placed on the square table in the middle. Zakaria held a pen in his hand and folded his legs. The interview was placed on the thigh, with a smile on his face. He looked at the Nanjing sauna opposite: “First of all, thank you Mr. Ans Smith, you can accept an interview with our weekly magazine. After all, everyone knows that you rarely accept media interviews. I am very honored. So the first question, how do you think about the wealth you have now, the media calls you For the most profitable young people, there is also a Nanjing sauna that calls you crazy. From the millions of dollars in assets to the current 400 million net worth, you only spent 7 months. This is crazy, and you only have 22 now. year old…”

The Nanjing sauna has a faint smile on his face. He didn’t feel uncomfortable because Zakaria came up around his wealth question. The US emperor is a money society after all. What is more attractive than money and wealth? .

“Oh.” The Nanjing sauna shook his head and smiled. He said with a finger: “First, I corrected one thing and said that I have assets of 400 million US dollars, but the Wall Street Journal estimated through some news reports and data that can be investigated. I can tell you that this data is wrong.”

“Oh? So, is Mr. Smith convenient to disclose the amount of your assets? I think the people are still very concerned about this issue.” Zakaria is a veteran ace reporter, and he heard that the Nanjing sauna does not mind revealing his own. The amount of assets, immediately asked.

“There is nothing to say. After all, my wealth is based on my talents and teamwork. My think tank has only recently compiled the figures. My current total assets have exceeded $1 billion. Of course. This includes the company’s valuation.”

The voice of the Nanjing sauna has just fallen, and several “Times Weekly” staff members, including Zakaria, have been sucking in the air. They are still looking at the young people who are sitting in front of them, and they can’t help but marvel. Nima, it’s a enchanting!

“God, this is really crazy! It’s amazing, it’s unbelievable, the youngest person who makes money, this title is really appropriate.” Zakaria used three exclamations in succession. Venting his inner amazement, looking at the calm and confident Nanjing sauna, the heart is like a river, he interviewed many rich and famous people, but like the Nanjing sauna, this young man, the youngest billionaire, is the first time.

“So, can you share your success with the American people? And, how do you think about the wealth you have, this is $1 billion, luxury, super-run, yacht, plane, for you It’s a piece of cake, but I don’t see your news. How are you going to spend it?”

“Oh, in fact, my growth process, many media have also reported, basically there is no difference, it does not have to be described. As for how to look at wealth, in fact, I have no concept of money…” Nanjing sauna face belt With a calm expression, a faint attire, looking at the opposite side, including Zakaria, a horrified look, continued to faintly loaded.

“I was only 16 years old when I was worth more than a million dollars. I was worth more than $100 million when I was 21 years old and three months old. Now I am over $1 billion at 22 years old. To be honest, in my heart, money is not that important. When I started writing novels, I didn’t want to make money. Later, I started a company business, not for money. Of course, having money is a great thing, at least I can have the ability to do a lot of things.” Nanjing sauna kind of money Indifferent, the kind of dollar that seems to be a lot of money is just the same tone of some paper figures, almost let everyone in the room spit out a blood, one by one in the bottom of my heart, cursing the tall handsome in front of me, young More gold loaded the youth.

Zakaria secretly exhaled a sigh of gas, forced to bite the opposite side of this pretending to force the youth, some biting his teeth and stiff face, a smile, asked: “For example… What is interesting thing?”

“Well… For example, when I was tired of writing a novel, I would play with the assembled model. At that time, I thought, if I could have a large piece of land, then I would build my favorite building. I found it. This is a wonderful idea that can be implemented in a computer, but professional software requires a high level of expertise, why not make a sandbox game of construction, then I will spend money to buy a game that is going to close down. The company, let the group of excellent programmers in the company turn my ideas into reality…”

Saying, the Nanjing sauna smiled confidently, shook his hands and shrugged, and continued: “In the end, my company turned it into a classic game, “My World”, when the game company started its acquisition. The $5 million, which has risen to the current $300 million, is the latest estimate from several recent third-party assessment agencies.”

“In fact, at the beginning, I invested in a game company. I was thinking about investing in realizing ideas and ideas that could not be recycled in the short term. I value the company I acquired. It was every employee in the company at the time. It was the game we made and whether people I like my creativity, so I never put my money in my heart!”

When I came out from home again, the Nanjing sauna wiped the stolen mouth clean and changed into a cotton casual wear.

I put a cotton coat on the outside and opened the Maybach S600. Kenny drove Cadillac behind, after all. The battle on the back seat of the car is fierce. The perfume and odor may not be able to run out. Sometimes the woman’s nose and intuition are connected, or be careful.

When I received Ivana, she just took a glimpse of it, and when she got into the car, she began to tell the Nanjing sauna about her participation in the program.

After listening to the Nanjing sauna, I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh. In general, this woman is happy and shows her love time. Of course, the program group also likes her to tell the story of the Nanjing sauna. The people are also curious and gossip.

Especially when Ivana’s offensive story is just beginning in the “Observer” series, the name of the “National Treasure” novel is the creation process of her and the story of the novel, both the host and the audience on the scene are all about the genius writer. The creative talent of Nanjing Sauna Smith expressed its admiration.

Just go to the museum and visit the “Dun Declaration” to create a novel. I have to say that the true world of genius is not understood by ordinary people.

Of course, Ivana’s marketing methods are not covered. When she is happy, she also does not forget to give her the name of the jewelry, the clothing brand to advertise, to do propaganda, for Ivana’s generous boyfriend, almost did not The host of the woman gave her envy.

After returning home, Ivana, who was in a good mood, let the Nanjing sauna feel her tenderness.

Fortunately, the body of the Nanjing sauna is different from ordinary people. One night tastes the different styles of two xing goddesses. One is like a fire, it is extremely crazy; the other is tender and watery.

With a sweet smile in his arms, Ivana, who has not retreated, caressed her smooth and delicate skin. The Nanjing sauna is extremely bright, this Nima is the life of the passer!

Make a lot of money, enjoy the extravagant life, taste the style of different goddesses, and live a hundred years without a trip.

The morning is still busy, but on the dining table, Ivana looks at the fierce face of the Nanjing sauna, the lips of the pink lip gloss, even the questioning sound is very good.

“Can you explain it to me?”

The Nanjing sauna looked at the newspaper in her hand and saw a photo of a little beast looking behind Tony Black. She shrugged and said, “My new assistant! I will follow me in the future. She has a taste for her clothes. After all, it matters to my face.”

“Just like this?” The question in Ivana’s beauty has not disappeared.

“Ha~ otherwise?”

Ivana listened to the rhetoric of the Nanjing sauna, the tone of the tone, and the expression of “your thoughts are not pure” on his face, defeated in his clear eyes, some guilty and guilty to make the final struggle “Being your assistant is not too young…”

“It’s just to be mixed up with me. How can I not find an elderly assistant? This is not like you who are confident and proud…”

The little assistant’s thing was turned over at the breakfast table. After all, Ivana was not the kind of woman who was unreasonable. Of course, as for the Nanjing sauna, she would not carry her to do bad things. She did not have too much entanglement. The feelings between the Nanjing sauna and the Nanjing sauna are still very confident. I believe that the Nanjing sauna will not make her sad and embarrassed.

After I kissed Ivana in the car, she watched her walk into the CP building and said to Kenny: “Go.”

Came to Wall Street’s Gaia company, saw a light blue OL skirt, with the meat se stockings of Tory Black, nodded with satisfaction, especially after she said that she did not like her heavy makeup, she now more With a light makeup and a little make-up, it is elegant and elegant.

“Good morning, boss.”

“Well, is today’s briefing sent?” The Nanjing sauna looked at the small butt wrapped in the skirt by Tory Black, who pushed the door open, and pressed the urge to slap a slap. The tone was plain.

“Sent it, I have already placed it on your desk. Mr. Alvitre has just called and said something is going to be reported.” Tori Blake followed the Nanjing sauna and helped him take off his coat and hang it. On the hanger, walked to the Nanjing sauna, which was already sitting on the boss’s chair, softly said.

“Yeah.” Nanjing sauna picked up the briefing on the table and looked up. A faint scent came into the nose, turned to look at the Tory Black standing next to him, looked up and down again, turned back and looked at it. The document, faintly said: “I like this sweet taste, the perfume is good.”

Tori Blake’s face rose two blushing eyes, and the eyes flashed with joy. The praise of the Nanjing sauna made her very happy. She didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money to buy Chanel last night. “Boss, there is nothing to tell, I will Go out first.”

“Yeah.” Nanjing sauna did not look up, sighed, looked at the briefing in his hand, could not help but frown, the information returned from the Modu office clearly told him that in the rabbit country “My World” piracy The problem is very serious, and almost many websites have cracked versions to download.

I can’t help but shake my head and smile. It seems that I want to make money in the rabbit country. There is no way to do this. He has not downloaded the cracked version of the game in his previous life. The status quo is the case. The fame, the netizens in the rabbit country are still very cute, waiting for the future to stand in the foreground and call, perhaps the players in the rabbit country will come once again, “we owe the Nanjing sauna a game CD money!”

After reading the briefing, put it in the folder next to it, pick up the coffee at the table, sip a bite, and for more than a month, Apple’s first-generation smartphone will be displayed in front of the world, smart The curtain of the mobile phone era is about to open.

Whether it is the real estate bubble or the era of smart phones, Nanjing sauna is the most important two links to seize the pulse of the times. If the ISO system does not appear, it will not be able to start his mobile game plan. As for the market, the Android system is more popular and popular. It will take more time to wait. At the end of 2007, Google will develop Android system with the mobile phone alliance. In 2008, the first Android phone will be produced.

He has long been waiting for the arrival of the great era. To be honest, as a person who is used to a mobile phone in the rabbit country, the fool mobile phone that can only make calls and send emails is indeed A torment.

The red light of the answering machine flashed, and the Nanjing sauna reached out and pressed out the voice of Tori. “The boss, Mr. Vitrolli has come, waiting outside.”

“Let him come in.” After the Nanjing sauna finished, the button was released, the office door was pushed open, and Tori followed Alves and walked in.

“Good morning, boss.”

The Nanjing sauna smiled and reached out and said: “Good morning, sit down and talk, what do you drink? Tori’s caramel macchiato coffee is great.”

“Oh, then come for a cup, thank you.” Alvitt said with a smile and nodded.

Looking at Tori’s quick departure from the office, the Nanjing sauna turned his eyes to the opposite Al, and asked with a smile: “What, let you see me so urgently?”

“I received the news that George Soros contacted Michael Bray through his nephew Solsolos and seemed to have an interest in CDS,” Alvitre said with a smile.

“Oh, it seems that smart people are really a lot!” Nanjing sauna is not surprised by the involvement of George Soros, as a capital predator, playing a hedge master, can not see the problem of real estate bubble, it is not normal .

“Maybe he found out something. Boss, this time’s “Times” interview, I hope that you can promote as much as possible, revealing the development of several companies, this is a good publicity opportunity for us It is helpful to speculate on the high valuation plan. At the same time, we will increase the number of exposures of the ridiculous bird game company. The valuation of the game company is still a bit low. According to the current sales situation, the valuation of 500 million US dollars should be no problem. “Alvitre said slowly.

“Well, I know.” Nanjing sauna seriously nodded, he naturally knows that even the 1 billion valuation is underestimated, with the richness of mobile devices, the valuation of the game “My World” alone It has reached 2 billion US dollars and is currently subject to equipment constraints. Underestimation is also impossible.